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Why choose Lite Source for buying Medical Equipment?

Lite Source Inc is an E-commerce website that provides all kinds of medical equipment since 1985 to all doctors and hospitals. We have been a trusted brand in Louisville, Kentucky. We are leading distributor of medical equipment and provide more than 500 medical equipment of various fields like:

  • Ophthalmic
  • Dental
  • Medical and scientific
  • Veterinary
  • General Lighting

Our Medical equipment includes light bulb, batteries, testers, recorders, chart papers, Medical exam supplies, kits, disinfectants, masks, stethoscopes, etc.

We deliver all the products on time as we understand the value of people’s time and urgency. We understand the requirements of patients and complications and thus, we provide products accordingly.

Also, we provide tools and kits for examination hall which are affordable and reliable. Our products include supplies of all the products from surgeries to routine check-ups to the specialized equipment of the all the materials and prices. Apart from medical equipment, we also provide different LED lights of different watts, volts, lumen, temperature, and shapes. We have best customer service representative that are friendly and consider their user part of their family.

Trust Lite Source to buy all kinds of medical equipment for urgent –basis delivery and quality products at affordable price.




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