Medical Equipment

How to get medical equipment delivered?

Medical equipment are hard to be delivered. One needs a trusted brand and company for equipment to be delivered. Be it something big like ophthalmoscope or something miniature like sterilized cotton balls, everything has to be perfect in this occupation. One cannot have the shortage or it could cost a life. Hence Lite Source Inc is a platform that will provide you with all kinds of medical equipment on time.

Lite Source Inc started in 1985 as the supplier of the medical bulb but with the increasing demand for other products, we started delivering Ophthalmic equipment, Dental equipments, Medical & Scientific equipments, Veterinary equipments and General Lighting.

We only supply branded products of

Our products include Slit Lamp Bulbs like Bausch & Lomb 12V Slit Lamp, AO/Reichert 6V Slit Lamp Bulb, Bausch & Lomb Thorpe Slit Lamp Bulb, etc. Ophthalmoscopes like Keeler 3.5V Specialist Ophthalmoscope Head, Welch Allyn 3.5V PanOptic Ophthalmoscope Head, Welch Allyn Prestige Coaxial-Plus Ophthalmoscope Head, etc. Ophthalmic bulbs like Heine UBL 100 Loupe Bulb, Heine Focalux Bulb with Auto Connector, Burton Phoropter, etc. Microscope Bulbs like 043-144 Leitz/Wild Microscope Bulb, 11W/33V Hot Cathode Fluorescent Ring Light, etc.

For price details and other equipment, options click on There are more than 100 options for each and every product. For any medical equipment help, remember only one name LITE SOURCE INC.


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