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Welch Allyn Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Bulb

Welch allyn parts

Product Information:

OEM Number


Equipment Models

60835, Rechargeable HPX Handle

Equipment Manufacturer

Welch Allyn

Instrument Type




Item Type


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Medical Equipment

Haag-Streit Perimeter Chart Paper

Recording and Chart Paper

Product Information:

OEM Number 0940.2414
Equipment Models Goldmann
Equipment Manufacturer Haag-Streit
Instrument Type Perimeter

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Medical Equipment

Buy Scientific Olympus Microscope Bulb


Product Information :-

Equipment Manufacturer – Olympus
Instrument – Microscope
Watts – 10W
Volts – 6V
Base – Miniature Screw (E10)

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Medical Equipment

How to choose? Direct vs. Indirect Ophthalmoscope

Funduscope is also known as ophthalmoscope invented by Charles Babbage. It is an instrument used by professions for eye check-ups. Using this instrument, professions observe retinas and Iris. It is also used when a person opts for laser operation. This is used by doctors to suggest whether eyes of a patient are fit to be operated or not. There are 2 types of Funduscopes:

Direct: Direct ophthalmoscopes are the ones that contain more than one flashlights. It could enlarge image 15 times which will give a clear view of the problem as well as the solution. The direct ophthalmoscopes are used for routine check-ups. In general course, a patient adjusts his eyes, doctor focuses in one eye and then shifts to another detecting the complication, providing medication help.

Indirect: Indirect ophthalmoscopes are of four types:
1. Slit lamp indirect
2. Head mounted binocular indirect
3. Monocular indirect
4. Modified (monocular) indirect


These devices have a light on one end and lens on other. It enlarges the image by 5X which will give accurate output as well as clarity about the structure of the inside of the eyes. A professional can assess a myriad of conditions viewing the retina with the rest of the eye.

There are many ophthalmoscopes available with distinct modern features. Its feature should include:

Provide appropriate field of view

The view should be panoramic, wider and clear.
Magnification should increase by 25’ approximately.
Workability with undiluted and small pupils.
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